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About PurchasePATH

PurchasePATH is a web-based ordering system that facilitates departmental purchasing from order creation to completion. The software manages all aspects of purchasing including order submittal, approval, receiving, tracking, and history. It is a multi-user, multi-tiered system that provides flexibility to departments to setup multiple organizational divisions and units, each with their own methods of submitting, tracking, and approving orders.

PurchasePATH is not an interface to UW's purchasing & ordering systems and it is not a direct interface to vendors. The web purchasing system is for internal use in a department.

Flowchart of the Order Lifecycle

Want to Learn More

PurchasePATH is developed and maintained by UW Pathology. UW Pathology is pleased to make PurchasePATH available to other departments. If you are interesting in learning more about how PurchasePATH can help your department, please submit a ticket and we will get in touch with you.

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The fastest way to get technical support for PurchasePATH is to send in a tech request.